The People you will meet

People make the difference!  We have the best people here teaching and creating!  Everyone teaching at the art factory has either a BA (Bachelors of Art), BFA (Bachelors of Fine Art) or MFA (Masters of Fine Art) - only the best for our Art Factory community.  We each bring something unique to the studio having backgrounds in ceramics, painting, graphic design, printmaking, education and much more.  Below you will get to know us just a little bit better, but we look forward to meeting YOU at the studio and letting us share our love of art.

For starters, we all love long walks on the beach....


Tracy LeMieux

Tracy is the owner/director of The Art Factory, but just one of the people who make this place what it is.  She is a transplant from Baton Rouge where she ran Kaleidoscope, a studio very similar to this one.  Tracy received her art degree from McNesse State University, concentrating in ceramics.  She loves getting her hands in clay!  When not at the studio, she can be found spending time with her husband, Chip, or being LOVEY to their three grandchildren Audrey, Milo and Nora.  And yes to have grandchildren, they must have had children - Masson, married to Yiseul and Justine, married to Joe.

Tracy teaches a variety of classes:  ceramics, wheel pottery, raku - as well as School's out, Makin' Art Wednesday and more.  Learn even more about Tracy from her website and see her artwork or check out her store where you can purchase her functional pottery.

Elizabeth Guinn

Elizabeth, Liz, Lil, Ms. Guinn is known by many for different reasons.  Recently becoming certified as an art teacher, she also holds an art degree from McNeese concentrating in ceramics.  You can see her friendly face at many of our classes:  School's out, Makin' Art Wednesday, Summer Art Experience...just to name a few.  Liz comes from Jennings where she shared her childhood home with nine other siblings - so she's ready for the kiddos!  She brings her MANY talents to us from ceramics, textiles, photography and education.  Liz has spent many hours fine tuning her craft and expanding her art knowledge spending summers learning and working at Penland, School of Crafts.  Learn more about LIz from her website and check out her store!



Kyrie Berezuk

All the way from New York, by way of Colorado, comes Kyrie Berezuk.  Kyrie brings her clay, watercolor and graphic design talents to the studio.  She's also pretty amazing at lettering!  After earning her BFA from Alfred University and completing an internship in Colorado, she wanted to see what the south was here she is and we're lucky to have her! She loves getting the opportunity to teach the after-school kiddos right now and will be expanding her classes very soon!  She can also be found helping out at School's out and birthday parties.  She did not move down here all alone, she has her pet chinchilla to keep her warm.

Learn more about Kyrie, and how she came to have a pet chinchilla on her website and give her store a look, if you need something've come to the right place!

Meagan Green

Meagan Green earned her MFA in Studio Art from Montclair State University and her BA in painting from McNeese State University. Green is a practicing artist from Louisiana. She has taught for many art organizations including The Art School at Laguna Gloria, The Contemporary Austin and a teen program developed through the city of Austin, Parks and Recreation Department for at-risk youth. She is currently the art teacher for Lake Charles College Prep. Her work ranges from painting, installation, and sculpture to video and performance. She has shown in New York, Louisiana, New Jersey, Kansas and Texas.