We're so excited to teach your young artist.  Please note the date and time for your artist's classes.  Remember to send your child to camp in ‘art friendly’ clothes.<br><br>In an effort to keep the flow of traffic going and to ensure the safety of the young artists, we have come up with a system that has proven to be safe and efficient.<br><br>From 12th street, head north on Moss St., then turn left onto Rich St.  There is a garage roll-up door on the north side of the building that the young artists will enter and exit. Please form a single line on the left side of Rich street and as your car reaches the door, we will unload your artist from your vehicle and check them in, The same is in place for pick-up.  Please stay in your vehicle while waiting to pick up. The line moves smoothly and quickly...promise! The doors will open ten minutes prior to your class start time and pick up will begin promptly at the end of class.

Please do not park and get out of your car - parking is very limited.

Thanking you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.  Should you need an earlier drop-off time, please send me a message so that we can talk about it.<br><br>See you and your artist very soon!