After-School Art Experience

It’s here….an after-school art program designed just for the little ones!
Mondays 3:30 - 4:30 Ages 3-6



Explore the enriching value of art and imagination.



Create with a variety of media and techniques.

color wheel game.jpg


Play games while learning about art!

We start each class with an art warm-up i.e. game or reading a book, then work on an art project and finish up the class with a wind-down activity. Some of the art games we have are: Color Wheel Match, Go to the Museum, Art Bingo, Can do Kandinsky…just to name a few and we have an awesome library of books the kiddos love to listen to. No doubt we keep the kiddos busy creating, learning and having fun!

This after-school art class is designed for the littles ages 3-6.  This small group meets on Mondays from 3:30 - 4:30. This program is perfect for the young child that is beginning their awareness of art. We play art games, read stories and create age appropriate art using a variety of media.  Experiencing art in this small group setting is ideal for your young artist to get personal attention. 

This class will begin meeting in October and will continue throughout the school year.

There will be an art show for the children enrolled in After-school Art Experience April 23rd through May 4th.

This is perfect for kiddos ages 3-6
A monthly subscription is available

After-school Art Experience Subscription
75.00 every month for 7 months
After-school Art Experience
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