Children's Parties

Your child's party starts as soon as they walk in the door with decorating the giant chalkboard wall while waiting for the guests arrive! Then here's how the rest of the party unfolds....the kiddos learn how to put together their clay creation, then when that's done - they get to 'paint' (apply underglaze) their creation...when they are finished with that (it usually takes about an hour and a half), we whisk away the art and table paper, it is replaced with clean paper ready for cake, cupcakes and ice cream (if you'd like) and to sing Happy Birthday!  The new art creation stays at the studio to be glazed and fired..usually takes about two weeks - then they can be picked up by the birthday mom/dad or picked up individually by the party goers.

  • Parties for children ages 4 and up (5 & under requires an adult to stay)
  • 2 hour party - depending on project - $200/$250 for up to 10 artists. Additional artists $20/$25. We can accommodate up to 20
  • Many projects to choose from ($20)  (age suggestion)
    • Animal masks (4 & up)
    • Emoji masks (5 & up)
    • Wide-mouth creatures (5 & up)
    • Animal bowls (5 & up)
    • Monsters (5 & up)
    • Create a Plate (fish, face, birthday, etc) (5 & up)
    • Tie-dye T-shirts (4 & up) - Taken home that day
  • Some $25 projects to choose from:
    • Fairy/Troll houses (6 & up)
    • Bird houses (6 & up)
    • Soap & Soap dish (6 & up) Soap taken home that day
    • Wall pockets (8 & up)
  • You may bring decorations (but not necessary)
  • Food and drink may be brought - keeping this simple always works best
  • Pops and Rockets Popsicles are available for an additional $3 (advanced notice required)
  • Art Factory invitations are available
  • Grown-ups are welcome to come - there is never a limit!

These are suggestions for parties, if you have a idea for your party - we would love to visit with you about it!  We love doing new things - give us a call and let's talk!

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